Cleaning and Repair Service

We are committed to providing all your time keeping needs. The level of service is completely based on this. Whether you are a collector, hobbyist or just interested in clock repair. We do not provide any services or perform any work without prior customer approval The estimates can be provided during the initial contact or after a complete evaluation. Any services required not listed below can be addressed on a as required basis.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Our belief is that submersion ultrasonic cleaning is the only effective way to thoroughly clean any mechanism in a clock regardless of its vintage. This excludes any and all quartz battery powered movements. However, electric powered clocks have a mechanical drive and the electric motor only replaces the spring or weights for power.

The cleaning process utilizes a tank containing a high concentrated solution of ammonia and ultrasonic sound waves for deep cleaning. Cleaning times vary from 20 to 60 minutes based upon the level of aged dirt, oil, and grease in the mechanism. After the process is complete the mechanism/movement is dried and clean as the day it was manufactured, whether that be 5 or over 200 years ago.

Our position is you cannot completely clean a mechanism on location. For large clocks, Grandfathers, Grandmothers and antique Tall clocks, we come into your location and remove the mechanism and all the associated hardware. We clean them in our facility and advise you of any wear issues that need to be addressed. This is expanded upon further under repairs and services.

We take this position because without the submersion ultrasonic cleaning all dirt particles are not removed. Therefore, any clean oils or lubricants applied are going on top of some leftover dirt and aged oil. This mixture then creates a “slurry” mixture of dirt, aged oil and fresh oil that is rotated among the shafts and gears and accelerates wear. This can lead to unnecessary costly repairs in the future before they are needed. This method of cleaning is the same process used for precision instruments, watches and fine jewelry just on a much larger scale.

Please note our “before and after” cleaning photos of a clock mechanism from the late 1880’s.

Before Ultra Sonic Cleaning

After Ultra Sonic Cleaning

Before Ultra Sonic Cleaning

After Ultra Sonic Cleaning

We only do submersion ultrasonic cleaning. The recommended frequency for cleaning, lubricating is five to seven (5-7) years based upon the clock’s environment. A factor to be considered is the proximity to fireplaces and wood stoves. These recommendations apply to mechanical clocks only. Quartz (battery powered) clocks are not as susceptible to the environment.

After viewing, the customer is contacted, advised of the condition and proposed repairs to the mechanism. We provide this information presuming five to seven (5-7) years of trouble free operation. During this, costs and options are provided for discussions. If we advise the customer that the only recommended service is cleaning, lubricating and adjustments, they will still receive a one (1) year warranty.

Whether you are moving room to room, having new flooring installed or cross country we can provide for all your needs. Timeless Clocks has provided these services to relocation companies/individuals in the past for preparation or repairs and for set up if required before/after the move.

Service Parts
If you are a hobbyist or just enjoy some clock repairs for yourself we can provide repair/service parts and technical support. Replacement parts are not limited to the mechanical requirements. We can supply case parts, hinges, knobs, keys and glass. Electrical clock parts are also available.

Timeless Clocks has the ability and resources to rebuild/repair most if not all mechanisms. We can perform in house machining, bushing/bearing installation and fabrication. Our supply base includes complete wood working, gear and shaft manufacture (wood and brass) and hard brazing and soldering processes. We can restore a 200-year clock to its original performance and appearance.

Authorized Service
We are providers of service, warranty and new clock set up for all Howard Miller and Ridgeway products. This includes new mechanisms and replacement parts as required. Any in home installation of components can be quoted on a as needed basis.

Purchasing and Bidding Services
Our goal is to provide the type of clock you are interested in. Clocks located at an antique dealer or a upcoming auction we will evaluate, appraise, bid and purchase on your behalf. Estimates can be provided for delivery, set up and repairs as requested before the sale. If the Customer requires a particular style, type or brand of clock we can research, locate one and inform of location for review.