Bill Timmins, Proprietor and Clocksmith
2801 Centennial Road Hanover, Pa. 17331

Authorized dealer and sales agent for Howard Miller and
Ridgeway Clock Companies and Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks
All work warrantied for one year

Cleaning, Repairing and Restoring mechanical clocks of every description for more than 25 years.


Bill Timmins has been repairing, buying and selling clocks for more than twenty-five years. All mechanical clocks need service, even the very best. Clockworks are in constant motion and parts wear out. Cleaning, lubrication and a timely repair extends a clock’s life indefinitely.

A really good clock is an investment and a work of art. A knowledgeable local clocksmith is an indispensable partner to clock owners, collectors and enthusiasts.

A glimpse into Bill Timmin’s repair shop.






Our store’s name suggests what we are all about. A well-maintained clockwork will be timeless.



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